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Coffee, tea and softdrinks will be served all day free of charge for participants at four locations, the entrance hall of Kollegiengebäude II (KG II), Tent B (only Tuesday-Thursday), Prometheushalle in Kollegiengebäude I (KG I), as well as in Peterhofkeller.


Lunch will be offered at Mensa Rempartstraße between 11:30 and 14:00.

Note that vouchers need to be purchased for the Mensa as cash or credit card payment is not accepted in the Mensa. The vouchers for meal 1 or 2 (5.20 € without softdrink / 6.80 € with softdrink) are available at the information desk of the conference. If possible, we ask you to have suitable cash at hand.

An alternative option is to buy a guest card at the Service Point of the Mensa which costs 7.00 €. The card can be topped up with the desired amount at the Service Point or using the top-up machines. At the end of the meeting the card can be returned during service hours. The deposit fee and the balance will be refunded.

We recommend use of the vouchers in order to avoid waiting times at the Service point.


In addition, many restaurants, bakeries and take-aways can be found close to the conference venue. A small list will be included as handout in your conference bag.