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Ticket for Public Transport


General Information


Freiburg is well-served by a tram (Strassenbahn) network with five lines numbered 1-5. All of the hotels in which the conference has reserved rooms are within 500m of a tram stop (usually much closer), with the exception of Hotel Dorint an den Thermen which is not easily reachable on public transport. The conference venue is directly at the tram stop Stadttheater, which serves all five tram lines. Stadttheater is one stop away from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) via lines 1, 2, 3 or 4 (not 5).

The tram network runs every day from 04:30 to 01:00, with arrivals typically 5-10 minutes apart. Longer waits (up to 20 minutes) may occur after 22:00. Upcoming arrivals are indicated on the electronic board found at each stop. The timetable can be found at each stop, as well as in the online journey planner here or in the smartphone app “VAG mobil” (iOS/Android)


Tickets and pricing


A public transport ticket is not included in the conference fee. If your Deutsche Bahn ticket includes the “+City” option then it is valid on the tram network on the day of your Deutsche Bahn train journey.

Tickets can be bought from a machine on any tram, and at some larger tram stops. The ticket machine interface can be put into English (and a selection of other languages) using the flag icons at the bottom of the screen. The entire tram network is contained within price category (Preisstufe) 1 — all quotes in this section are for price category 1. There are several options for tickets, the most economical choice depending on the level of use required;


- An adult single ticket (Einzelfahrschein Erwachsene) costs € 2.40 and is valid for a single journey up to one hour after purchase. No validation is required.

- The short-distance ticket (available from 08/2019) costs € 1.50 and is valid for one trip over 3 stops, not including the entry stop.

- A 24 hour ticket (REGIO24 Preisstufe 1) can be bought for for € 6.70, valid for the whole tram network. No validation is required. 

- An adult 2x4-trip ticket (2x4-FahrtenKarte Erwachsene) can be bought for € 17.30. This is eight journeys split over two paper tickets (saving € 2 relative to separate purchases). Buying just one four-trip ticket on its own is not possible. The ticket being used must be stamped during each journey using the red machines found on the handrails on every tram.

- Weekly tickets are not available.


Travelling without a valid ticket incurs a fee of € 60. A convenient option is to download the smartphone app “VAG mobil” (iOS/Android) and register for an account, then tickets can be bought and used electronically. 


Travelling outside Freiburg


If you intend to travel in the area around Freiburg, a three-day ‘WelcomeKarte’ can be purchased for € 26. This allows travel on the entire Freiburg tram network as well as the RVF area shown here.