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Wissenschaftliches Programm

Schedule Freiburg

A colloquium-like presentation of the speaker’s research focus, though accessible for the broad and interdisciplinary audience of the meeting, with special focus on the motivation, context, and perspectives of the presented research.

Introductory talk
A lecture-like introduction into a broader research area, accessible for the broad and interdisciplinary audience of the  meeting, with special focus on the basic assumptions, central methods, important open questions and possible future directions, in particular under the meeting’s interdisciplinary perspective.

Focus talk
A lecture-like introduction to a specific research area within the diverse themes of the meeting, accessible to participants who want “to know more”, though do not necessarily have specialized pre-knowledge.

Special session
Symposium-like sessions on selected topics which represent diverse perspectives upon the meeting’s themes.

Dedicated sessions to intensify the discourse between research in academia and in industry, in order to identify research questions and opportunities of mutual interest, as well as prerequisites for successful cooperations.

Thematic session
Sessions of contributed talks on the topics to be debated during the meeting, opened by an invited introductory talk on the specific theme.